Giving the Gift of Photography

photo bookOn a recent tour of Turkey I met a woman who “wished she had brought a better camera”.  We became friends and to her delight, after arriving home I went online and made a Photo book of all of sites we had seen.  It took about one hour out of my day and cost $15.  When she received it, she immediately called.  She was “beyond thrilled” and went on to say “that was one of the most thoughtful things anyone had ever done for her”.

Photographs are a record of cherished times. Still, photographs get lost in cyber space and are rarely seen other than on the small screen of a phone or on FB. This Christmas give the gift of joy.  Whether it’s a mug, calendar or key ring you will be the hero! The Arts Warehouse is offering a workshop (Giving the Gift of Photography) that walks you through the steps of getting your photos internet ready so can order your cherished memories. It also goes over 10 tips to taking better pictures guaranteed to make you a better photographer!
You will learn how to scan, edit, enhance, crop and add text to make your cherished photo book or gift for friends and family.

“Flash” The Misunderstood Function

Example of fill flash on back lit subject. Potography workshops The Arts Warehouse

Example of fill flash on back lit subject.

Did you know that the ‘flash’ is the most misunderstood function on digital cameras. It seems to fire when you don’t need it, not fire when you do and most times doesn’t evenly illuminate. Frustrating indeed!  Even the simplest point and shoot cameras have flashes that can be compensated for exposure that ultimately produce professional portrait like results in one simple step.  Topics covered in our Digital camera workshop include, red eye, shadow, fill flash, slow sync flash and more. Trust us to teach you how to use your flash correctly.  It is a very rewarding feature on your camera!

JUST ADDED!!! Digital Camera Workshop 

Cherished memories tend to get lost in ‘cyber space’

Photography workshops, wedding photography, family portraits. Digital Camera Techniques, Scenic Photography, Portraiture. Port Elgin, Southampton.Did you know that 80% of our pictures are taken of people?  Did you also know that in the digital era people are less likely to print pictures?  It’s true!  Cherished memories tend to get lost in ‘cyber space’.  When surveyed, most grandparents would prefer a picture of their grandchildren than being taken out for a meal!  So now is the time to surprise your family with a dynamic family portrait! In just one portraiture workshop students learn techniques in posing, lighting and selective focus to give the ‘wow’ factor to your people pictures.