Compose Don’t just take !

A student expressed to me once that he didn’t pay that much attention to the composition when taking a picture. He said he could always photoshop later.  I replied “when you build a house with no plans and later realize you forgot to add a bathroom…”  Let’s face it! Post Production editing of a photograph is creative  but in my eyes it only allows you to enhance what is already a good picture .  So take a good composition to begin with . Think about how you are going to arrange your subject elements by using eye level, angle, and vantage point. Think about negative and positive space to best convey your idea. Does it look best in front, back, side or muted light.  Are you taking it in a vertical or horizontal format?  Do you want to compress the image by using a telephoto lens or show depth with a wide angle lens?  All the above mentioned  ideas really can’t be manipulated in photoshop,  so take your time and take it right!  Let’s put the JOY back in Photography!

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Understanding Modes

DSLR and most Point and Shoot cameras offer several creative modes including Aperture and Shutter Priority.  These two modes offer the photographer control over either motion or selective focus. The problem is the manual’s explanation of both modes is often confusing, leaving the photographer frustrated, resulting in leaving the Camera on Auto.  Auto modes like Sports, Portrait, or Landscape offer creativity but often fall short of their promise because there is a second step to these modes that confuses the photographer.  The answer is to workshop your craft. The Arts Warehouse offers one on one tutoring and small class size workshops that guarantee to take the confusion out of your cameras manual . family-portrait-04family-portrait-14Arts-Warehouse-Jennifer-O'reilly-weddings-02image