Using Depth of Field to Improve Your Shots

Depth of field is a measure of how much of a picture is in focus. The amount of depth of field varies from picture to picture, depending on a number of different factors. DOF is one of the most important creative controls available to the photographer. By learning how to control it, you can ensure that everything from your feet to the horizon appears sharp. Alternatively, you can make sure that only the subject is sharp and the foreground and/or background is out of focus, for an artistic effect.

The Arts Warehouse is holding an Advanced Digital Camera Workshop Saturday, January 30th from 9 to 12 that explains and explores using depth of field to create award winning photographs.

Small class size, register early!

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Spring Photography Tips!

arts warehouse photographyThe warm weather is just around the corner fingers crossed! When it happens we will want to be outdoors as much as possible! Did you know when using outdoor (ambient) light complimented with fill flash makes for an award winning portrait.  People tend to believe flash is reserved for indoors where it’s dark.  Fill flash, used correctly with proper exposure on camera results in flattering portraits.  Key things to consider are ISO, shutter speed and flash output range.

Learn all about taking beautiful outdoor portraits in Jen’s Wedding and Portraiture Techniques workshop offered this spring. Click here to find out more!

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  • The Arts Warehouse is located at 11 Cutter Rd, Port Elgin
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“Flash” The Misunderstood Function

Example of fill flash on back lit subject. Potography workshops The Arts Warehouse

Example of fill flash on back lit subject.

Did you know that the ‘flash’ is the most misunderstood function on digital cameras. It seems to fire when you don’t need it, not fire when you do and most times doesn’t evenly illuminate. Frustrating indeed!  Even the simplest point and shoot cameras have flashes that can be compensated for exposure that ultimately produce professional portrait like results in one simple step.  Topics covered in our Digital camera workshop include, red eye, shadow, fill flash, slow sync flash and more. Trust us to teach you how to use your flash correctly.  It is a very rewarding feature on your camera!

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