Tips for Shooting Holiday Lights

Just like that, the holiday season is upon us! If you like lights this season is a photographer’s dream come true! The gift of Digital has made taking time exposures easier and more rewarding than ever!

Here are some tips for shooting holiday lights.

  1. Turn off your flash (unless you are taking a night portrait)
  2. If your camera has TV/S mode set your shutter speed to 1 second or slower.  If your camera doesn’t have a shutter mode, set it to ‘Night’ or ‘Fireworks’ mode. (These modes use a shutter of 1 to 4 seconds)
  3. Use a Tripod or secure your camera to a steady surface by using a bean bag.
  4. Set your self timer
  5. Outdoor pictures are best shot at dusk when it’s not too dark.

The Arts Warehouse is offering ‘How to take Time Exposures’ workshops in November and December. December workshops take place at ‘The Festival of Northern Lights’ in Owen Sound.