Winter Photography Tips!

Many photographers consider winter the most desirable time of year to take pictures because the sun is always at an ideal location/direction i.e. not high in the sky producing high contrast and unflattering shadows.

When the sun is low, it can be directed. Direct so the subject is front lit and the image will even evenly lit with great colour. Light from the side produces a three dimensional look to your photographs. The shadows are long and flattering. Back light creates a dramatic halo or rim effect to your pictures.

snow storm[1]

As far as subject matter goes, snow can be your theme. Why not capture ‘snow’ on mailboxes, buried signs, or a snow faced dog! Most of the world never gets to see snow so go out and capture it!

The Arts Warehouse has a full line up of winter workshops including a Nature/Close up Landscape photography. In this workshop participants learn pro tips in light direction, quality and colour and the art of using shape, line or texture for dramatic winter landscapes.

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  •  Times/Dates don’t suit your schedule? Build your own custom workshop for groups of two or more.
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